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Garden Pests

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What are garden pests?

Garden pests are pests which specifically affect gardens. They can cause problems by digging up grass and flowers, eating through plants, or by spreading diseases. Garden pests can be difficult to tackle. It’s important to correctly identify which pest is causing the issue, as treatment plans can vary.

Common insect garden pests include aphids, beetles, rabbits, and chafer grubs. Animal garden pests include cats, badgers, moles, squirrels, birds. A pest controller will be able to identify the pest that’s damaging your garden, and implement an effective treatment plan to remove them from your garden.

Depending on the type of garden pest, the treatment plan will vary. For insects, an insecticide that’s rated for outdoor use may be applied. For animals pests, the treatment plan may involve trapping and other pest control, alongside a preventative treatment to stop the pests from coming to the area.

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